Glo Extract Lemon Zest


THC: 26%

CBD: 1%

Glo Extract Lemon Zest

Glo Extract Lemon ZestĀ is an intensely sativa predominant cross breed strain (95% sativa/5% indica) made with obscure parentage because of an elevated level of reproducer mystery about its legacy. With this bud, the name says it all in the flavor office.

In addition, Lemon Zest packs a madly sharp yet sweet lemony citrus flavor with simply a hint of smoothness to it upon breathe out. The smell follows a similar profile, with traces of sharp fiery lemon and sweet citrus emphasized by zesty spices and earth. Buy glo carts flavors, the Lemon Zest high is certainly one that will have your eyes opening up and you getting up off the lounge chair in the blink of an eye.