Glo Extract King Louis


THC: 21%


Glo Extract King Louis

Glo Extract King Louis is an Indica prevailing half breed cannabis vape pen, whose hereditary qualities are not known at this point. It produces clingy looking dull earthy colored and green shaded buds. Lord Louis is a powerful strain with a THC level of around 23.04 percent.Glo Extract King Louis For sale, Buy Glo Carts New York.

In addition, it has a solid and quieting high that loosens up you and causes you to feel drowsy. Smoking King Louis will likewise make you hungry, which is the reason it is a decent cure for absence of craving, as it animates hunger. It has an impactful fragrance that is a combination of diesel, pine and natural aromas. Buy Glo carts, Buy glo extract cartridges.

It has a solid flavor also and you can feel a mix of gritty, pine and diesel flavors in your mouth while smoking King Louis. Because of its loosening up impact, it is a decent fix of uneasiness and worry of different sorts.